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The London Borough of Newham operations manuals and demonstration videos

Scan the QR Stickers on your appliances

Simply scan the QR code on your property appliances to guide you through the functionality or maintenace. For additional help see the below contact details on each sticker or within this user guide. 

If your smartphone has a built-in QR code scanner feature, you may not need to download a separate app to scan a QR code. Here are the steps for using your smartphone’s camera to scan a QR code:

  1. Open your smartphone’s camera app: Launch the camera app on your smartphone.

  2. Position your device: Hold your device steady and position the QR code within the camera’s viewfinder. Make sure that the QR code is centered and clearly visible.

  3. Wait for the camera to recognise the QR code: Most smartphone cameras have built-in QR code recognition features. 

  4. Tap on the notification: Once your smartphone camera recognises the QR code and it will take you to a video about that appliance or control.

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